Marco di Felice
Rassegna stampa - Nabucco
Detroit Michigan Opera - ottobre 2009 - 18 ottobre 2009

"(...) imposing, in voice or presence, (is) baritone Marco di Felice as Nabucco. Wheter in scenes of madness and spiritual awakening, Di Felice brings a magisterial quality to Nabucco that allows us to perceive a king in either case, much as we never lose sight of the nobility in Shakespeare's beleaguared King Lear." - 19 ottobre 2009

"(...) Italian baritone Marco di Felice turns in convincing, authoritative performances, and (his) voice is burnished and magisterial. (He) actually sounds like leader." - 21 ottobre 2009

"Baritone Marco di Felice brought resonance, grandeur and nuance to Nabucco."