Marco di Felice
Press-cuts - Carmen
"Vigorous, explicit and determined Escamillo by Marco di Felice, excellent voice, powerful and well mastered;
di Felice has clearly performed an outgoing character, used to staking his life to please the public of ‘plaza de toros’, but above all he is aware of his own charm and at the same time of the burning passions that Carmen is able to spark in him."

LA REPUBBLICA – 12 nov 2006

"In the leading quartet Marco di Felice as toreador Escamillo is outstandingly good with his impressive stage presence and a very compelling carriage of voice."

QUOTIDIANO DI BARI – 12 nov 2006

"Among the male characters, for the importance of the role of co-protagonist Marco di Felice as Escamillo shines in his technically limpid interpretation, he perfectly suits Escamillo a well rounded character."

OPERACLICK - novembre 2006
"Marco di Felice eagerly awaited at the rendez vous with Escamillo‘s couplet "votre toast, je peux vous le rendre"; he was greatly appreciated for his singing and powerful accent."