Marco di Felice Marco di Felice
Press-cuts - Andrea Chénier
Arena Sferisterio Macerata - august 2005

"L'opera" - september 2005

« «With Andrea Chénier, the Sferisterio has again reached the high standard we are used to expecting from this theatre [...]
Marco di Felice is a pleasant surprise. As Gerard, he flaunts a conspicuous and powerful voice, well emitted, confident in the registro acuto, the voice of an authentic baritone from the Italian school.»

"L'Operà magazine" - november 2005

«Troisième étape du parcoure «français» du Festival, Andrea Chénier porte la griffe de Pier Luigi Pizzi, qui s'aventure pour l'occasion sur un terrai - le vérisme - assez inhabituel pour lui. [...]
Le jeune Marco di Felice est une bonne surprise en Gérard: voix pleine, bien conduite, à l'agiu sûr.»

"" - august 2005

«The baritone Marco di Felice is may be the true surprise in this edition by Macerata of Andrea Chenier. His Gerard flaunts a voice well/turned and powerfull, intense and exciting, perfectly able to render the humanity of this great negative hero.»

"" - july 2005

«Marco di Felice is first rate in his role, excellent performance, well suited to the part, he is acting with complete command but first of all…… his voice: wonderful timbre, warm and full of passion, perfectly able to stretch the different harmony of tones, more or less dark, with confidence and an exceptional musical command, perfect pronunciation, strong and compact registers, controlled emission, a performance ,in the third act, worthy of a manual.»